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Alemanni Vela wooden Speargun

It is produced in an oil finished teak wood body

Our wooden built guns have resin bonded carbon layers between the teak laminates to ensure
the gun remains straight and does not bend.

This Demultiplied gun -VELA-  is specifically designed for Blue Water fishing. 
Easy loading, high velocity, low recoil and laser like accuracy.

The main objective is to have very little recoil, which in turn assists in excellent maneuverability and accuracy, despite its length. Our Vela  has superior power when compared with other propulsion systems.

It differs in a number of ways compared to a double roller gun loading system; this is offset by consistent and dependable power for the duration of your fishing trip.

Efficiency is attained using bands with the perfect diameters and low stretch factors, resulting in less stress and strain of the bands and providing perfect balance, without energy loss as well as minimal recoil. 9.0 - 9.5 -10 mm.

Lateral movement is excellent, with bands that will last considerably longer with less frequent changes.

Superb muzzle velocity with laser like accuracy, double barbs reinforced with shaft and offset to our specifications.