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Dark Waters Dynamite Floatline Bungee

So whats so special about this floaline/bungee? We tested many materials until we found this specific one. Don't fall for imitators online. The material we used is more abrasive resistant and can be stretched 2 times its original length. As inner core we use a whopping 1600lbs dyneema line fully back breaded. Our engineered plugs are designed to withstand a working load of 1500lbs directly on them. We use shackles and tuna clips on the line but recommend shackles only for big game to make sure there are no weak links in your setup.We build each stock line with 25% extra line to reduce tear offs and allow the line to weaken the fish. Species that were successfully landed using our line the past few years include dog-tooth tuna, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, white seabass, wahoo, cubera snapper, grouper, amberjack.We are so confident about this product we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on regular use or defects.

Many of the lines are custom made after they are ordered so some delay in shipping should be expected.