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Mantis custom railgun

Mantis Custom railgun features:

Trigger mech:

Made from 316 Stainless Steel for optimal corrosion resistance and strength.  Each mech is hand tuned by our gunsmiths, creating a butter smooth trigger pull.  We test 100% of our mechs in house before they ever go into a gun.


Not all hands are created equal!  We set out to design the perfect grip for everyone, and quickly realized it does not exist.  Grip preferences are as unique as hand sizes.  So we decided to offer as many different grips as possible.  What better way than paring with a platform that already has a wide array of perfected grips?  This is why our Mantis Custom Railguns work with any and all AR-15 grips already on the market.  We have chosen our favorites and the ones best suited to a marine environment to offer on our site.

Barrel length:

70cm - The Shorty.  Best for shooting into or around holes in rock and reef structure.  Also perfect for hunting flatfish in on the bottom.

90cm - Reefer.  Perfect for shooting reef fish at close range.

110cm - Kelp Master.  This one is our favorite for hunting big fish in heavy kelp.  Perfect balance of maneuverability  and range.  WSB look out.

120cm - Blue Water Fun.  Great length for hunting big fish in open water.

130cm - Rangemaster.  When you will really need to take those long shots, this one will reach out and touch those wary fish that just won't come close.


Less is more.  Designed to be extremely low profile, the Mantis Custom two band muzzle is exactly that.  Combined with our unique barrel shape the muzzle puts the bands in the optimum position to put maximum force on the shaft.  Improved efficiency means more stopping power.


Why is our barrel shape so funky?  A lot of reasons!  The top flares out to elevate the bands to the perfect level alongside the track.  The bottom tapers in to improve tracking through the water.  The track on the bottom allows for easy customization of many accessories.  All of our barrels are plugged and glued to ensure there will be no leakage and your gun will remain neutrally buoyant.   

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