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Bermudian Polespear

The Bermudian Polespear is part of a small batch high quality products. This product is conceived without cost or quality constraints to achieve a higher standard than typical productions. The Bermudian is the result of a re-design of the famous Manny Puig Polespear known for more bottom fish records than any other polespear. A thinner 5/8” body with a machined taper in the front section for the handgrip offers a smooth release without a step-up created with traditional grips. The rod-wrap is inlaid in aluminum saving your gloves compared to traditional knurled machined grips that wear through them. Special consideration given to mate the polespear with the Magnetic Bermudian Quad-Cut. A traditional 5/16” diameter x 16” shaft with heavy-duty barb is included for general types of spearfishing, threaded spear-shaft option for break-away tip. The Bermudian: aimed at divers who want to land big fish without bending or breaking the equipment. The weight of the polespear and the well-mated power band ensures penetration of 100lb bottom fish. Machined one at a time in America and finished by hand. Sizes: 9’5” or breaks down to 5.25’ w/ front section only. Made in USA. • 6061T6 Alloy Hard Anodized by thickness construction. • 9’5” Overall (50” rear End + 49” Front) • In-laid grip in the aluminum for smooth release and comfort • Setscrew for non-accidental loss off the shaft or corrosion emanating from shaft lock that caused by typical threaded shafts. • Spear 16” x 5/6” (8mm) with heavy duty Flopper / Threaded shaft optional • Reduction capability: Rear band slot “knuckle” unscrews & inserts into front section to create a 5.25’ spear.