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Spear America Pro Custom Speargun

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The Spear America Pro Custom speargun is unlike anything else in the market. We tried to marry the quality of American craftsmanship with the best components available in the market like the Alexander handle admittedly the best designed, most reliable and strongest handle in the market with the most reliable and at same time most sensitive trigger in the world the Meandros L and CL trigger. Other triggers commonly used by manufacturers even though they are rated as high as 1400lb or more, they lack sensitivity causing super hard trigger pulls causing jerking of the gun something very obvious in videos. Designed to shoot 3 bands but with enough mass to easily handle 4 bands, this gun is a true all around tool with amazing maneuverability thanks to its design, and great control of recoil thanks to the handle positioning and the mass. Made of 100% teak and tested by some of the best Spearos in California on tuna, yellowtail and white seabass this gun is truly the gun to own if you are a serious spearo. Don't let the price fool you there is nothing cheap on this gun. Highest quality parts and best manufacturing. It comes equipped with 400lb Japanese hi tensile strength neon yellow monofilament, 4 shark fin 5/16" threaded or flopper shaft (buyer's choice), and 3 small ID 14.5mm black over amber rubber bands. The gun has a tapered cuddle fish design and it features a poured enclosed track, and oiled finish for easy maintenance. Our Five-year warranty is a no questions asked warranty. This is how confident we are about the capabilities of this amazing gun that has already proven itself in the field.