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CETMA Composites Edge Carbon Fin Blades - For CETMA S-Wing Footpockets

The CETMA Edge Carbon Fin Blade has been specifically engineered for CETMA S-Wing Footpockets. The S-Wing Footpockets are sold separately and also available for purchase.

Freediving Carbon Blades EDGE, key features: 1) 100% IM7 carbon fibre.2) The material used is 100 % Carbon Prepreg produced with hot melt impregnation system, using a micro-toughened tetra-functional epoxy resin. 3) 3D-Tech: Proprietary Technology, of CETMA COMPOSITES exclusive know-how, with high pressure, high temperature and high degree of applied vacuum, which lead to a component with 0% void level, without defects, with a uniform matrix/reinforcement ratio across the whole blade. 4) FEM Design: EDGE blades are optimized trough an accurate Design by means of Finite Element Softwares (FEM). The Design trough FEM software allows an optimized distribution of the stiffness, with the aim to obtain a deformation able to ensure the maximum hydrodynamic efficiency.5) Dimensions: Width 195 mm; Length from the bending angle 742 mm; bending angle 27 degrees.6) Available stiffness: soft (S), medium (M), hard (H).7) Colour choice: Green Posidonia and Magenta.8) Footpocket fitting: CETMA COMPOSITES, and Pathos.9) water rail: CETMA COMPOSITES Water rails with variable height and high efficiency.10) warranty: 2 years on carbon parts; 5 years if fitted with CETMA COMPOSITES footpocket ( Find out more ).11) Prizes and awards: WORLD CHAMPIONS 2015 - CMAS World Record of Michele Giurgola, in 2015 in the cold water of Ischia, bi-fins constant weight -93 meters.

Customer Reviews

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I have been freediving spearfishing for over 50 years and have witnessed major changes in dive gear. Fins clearly contribute great importance in essential gear. I clearly remember my first pair of short rubber fins. I then advanced to plastic and now carbon fiber. I couldn’t justify spending a lot of money for CETMA fins until a recent trip to Baja. I arrived at my destination, but my fins did not. One of my friends on the trip lent me his CETMA fins. I was extremely surprised on the performance. I now had to have these fins. Just before my last dive trip I went to Spear America. Petros and two of his sales team mates all were helping me get the correct foot pocket fit. I purchased CETMA EDGE Carbon fin blades and S-Wing foot pockets. For me, the performance of these fins is worth every penny. To anyone in the market I recommend Spear America. They have a large selection of sizes and color plus the staff was very personable and helpful.

Clinton Bozner

Fins were great. The carbon is definitely a lot better than the plastic fans were.