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SpearPro Blast Carbon Fiber Fin Blades

The SpearPro Blast blades are specifically designed for spearfishing but they will impress the most demanding freedivers with their performance.

Under tightly controlled conditions of production, we combined the latest autoclave technology, achieving the maximum utilization of the qualitative characteristics of the carbon cloth on the blades.

The blades are layered in a manner that promotes a linear energy efficiency throughout the movement. The rubber rail construction has minimal effect on the nerve of the blades and promotes a fluid kick cycle. They are one of the lightest production blades in the market and they are distinguished by the nerve, speed of recovery, comfort in use and quality of construction.

The SpearPro Blast blades are compatible with the SpearPro Genesis footpockets, CETMA S-Wing footpockets, and Pathos Fireblade footpockets.

The blades come with a 3 year warranty for DELAMINATION (unique in the world).