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Aussie Reels Barracuda Speargun Reel

The "Barracuda"This is where it all started where Barry and Hans thought there has to be a way to design a reel where you do not need to drill into the barrel of your rail gun. With over 70 years diving experience between them they designed the original reel and called it the "Barracuda Reel." These were originally made for themselves and then people started asking if they could have one and then the production started rolling. Over the last 8 years the "Barracuda Reel" has had various improvements and we are now at our 4th generation "Barracuda Reel" with the biggest innovation since the clamp design coming only very recently where we have made it possible so the handle of your gun does not need to be removed to attach the reel. Making it easy to put your reel on your gun and if needed it can also be removed easily.The Barracuda comes in several colors.