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Aussie Reels - Woodie - Speargun Reel

The Aussie Woodie Reel from Aussie Reels are tough and reliable, made from Acetal and glass to stand up to hard work!  The Aussie Woodie Reel is based off the original ‘Barracuda Reel’ but now the Aussie Woodie Reel will fit on to a wooden gun or Riffe Euro. Designed to directly fit onto the reel mounting holes which are on the Riffe Euro and to sit flush on this gun. These Reels can be added to any other wooden gun with some stainless steel self tappers.
When you install a reel on a speargun however, you instantly lengthen the amount of line that is available to you.  This means that when you shoot a fish successfully, you do not need to chase after it or fight it in anyway. You can safely go to the surface of the water to breathe and then reel in the fish using the extended line available to you.  By this time the fish probably would’ve already stopped fighting making your job very easy. Speargun reels are especially beneficial when hunting pelagic fish and other fish that tend to stay towards the bottom.  By the time you hunt them and hit the surface of the water, they would’ve already worn themselves out and all you’d need to do is reel them up as simple as that, no need to chase after them and no need to fight. This itself is the biggest reason why anyone should install a speargun reel.