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Alemanni Vela Full Carbon Speargun

Demultiplied - Full carbon monocoque

This size is ideal to have the best possible performance in blue water spearfishing. The performance of the wooden version is unquestionable, the carbon version has managed to add something more.

The typical rigidity of the material and the lightness are absolutely known and appreciable values and the addition of many small things together, combined with the attention to detail during construction, make it absolutely the best possible choice.

Industrial secrets joined at the sum of tests, passion and knowledge , help us to achieve incomparable results.

The materials are always of high quality while retaining the craftsmanship of the imperfections, considered by us a value not a defect.

The qualities are the same  of  all our demultiplied

  • Absence of recoil
  • Power required to push a shaft of 10 mm or 9.5 mm
  • Absolute and constant precision
  • Easy management after assimilation of the technique
  • Swinging appropriate to the size (truly unimaginable)
  • Very limited  maintenance

Vela 135 special is able to fit  double barbed or  threaded  mm 9.5 -10  shaft the accuracy never change for all  diameters.

Our slip tips are calibrated on each shaft, fundamental verification to ensure, always, straight and constant shots.

It’s proposed without reel, as fishing in the blue traditionally doesn’t require it can be mounted on demand.

The maintenance is virtually non-existent, we will show you at the time of purchase the only thing we recommend to do, with our guide and following our advice to keep the equipment efficient will never be a problem. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.