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Riffe Marauder Speargun

Meet The Marauder, a sleek, streamlined silhouette formed from a 5 laminate purple heart and mahogany wood stock. Produced at our manufacturing facility in San Clemente, CA with leading technology, an ultra precise design is born. Comprised of 4 models, 47, 55,  63, and 63S the Marauder Series covers an array of spearfishing environments from reef and inshore to blue water hunting. The closed band slot design, a new feature which requires Tie In Power Bands, combined with our new Euro Style M-Tab Spear Shaft delivers extra band stretch for maximum power. Unique new rifle style Push Button Safety ensures a smooth, quick release when target is in sight. Whether hunting snapper along reef or wahoo and tuna in the open water, The Marauder has got you covered.

Shooting Range:

47 19.75’ (6m)

55 23.75’ (7.24m)

63 27.25’ (8.31m)

63S 27.25’ (8.31m) Setup with Slip tip

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marauder 63

Overall both the Speargun and the experience with SpearAmerica have been outstanding!

The Riffee Marauder is definitely a work of art that handles beautifully in the water. Though expensive, its high quality craftmanship makes me think it'll be a lifetime investment that I'll use for the next 10+ years diving.

Additionally, my experience with SpearAmerica's staff was outstanding. A gun of this quality is no small investment, and Elizabeth spent quite a while talking me through different options before I decided on my final pick. I'll definitely be going back for all of my future diving purchases to make sure I speak to her and the other experts!

Marauder 63s and 47

First off even if Spearamerica priced everything 30% more I’d still only use them because of how amazing Petros is, on his family vaction he still walked me through my purchase decision and was incredibly helpful!!

I started with the 47 marauder and now have added the 63s for larger species, both guns track effortlessly through the water and are intuitive to aim. Plus both in the purple heartwood together are gorgeous ( riffe stopped making the purple heartwood inlay due to machining difficulties and cost but they are so worth it if you can find one somewhere).

55 in

I got the 55 inch version 2 and 1/2 years ago and have had zero issues. Triple band setup, plenty of stock, and good design elements.

Pro’s: Out of all of my guns, this one is the easiest to reload because of the magnet on the track that keeps the shaft in place and it tracks the best in the water because of the cuddle fish design. Also, because the stock is sturdy, You can up the power on the bands to handle anything from rock fish to small pelagics.

As for cons: the gun is pretty darn expensive. The shaft’s shark taps on riffe spears could be a tad bigger in my opinion. This makes loading loading a bit harder, but I guess it is a compromise for accuracy.

In conclusion it’s close to a perfect gun in the euro style. Riffe does a good job with quality and they are a reliable company from my home town. They are expensive, but the gun will last as long as you want it considering that it is made with great parts and quilting pieces of mahogany.

Marauder 47” continued...

The R/A’s over all length is about 51” and with the spear it’s about 62” so the 47” marauder is shorter by a fair margin and it’s mechanics in the water are amazing. I live in so cal to give an idea of my location. The three bands pack a punch and the shoot is crazy smooth with a 7.5mm shaft.

Downsides- to be fair it is pricey as mentioned in the other review. That said you get what you pay for and it’s a heavy duty gun with heavy duty components that offers great performance. I felt like there were almost no reviews of this gun to read so I hope this helps. The magnetic muzzle is epic and the shaft doesn’t budge. The safety mechanism is easy to handle and also smooth. If you never wana use it you don’t have to and also if your shooting fish around some rocks you can use one or two bands vs all three. There’s no doubt in my mind that this gun will smash any bigger fish that swims by.

I’m certainly not paid by Riffe for this review but I like supporting local companies and I hope that someone else reading this can make they’re mind up regarding this gun. I like the labor of love aspect with the wood gun but also to be fair... I was between the marauder and the meandros “Argos” which I think has some great qualities but I couldn’t be happier with the marauder.

Thanks again and shout out to spear America!!!

Marauder 47” Review

Firstly I wanted to thank Petros for having the sale which helped me pull the trigger for this gun. In short this gun is top quality from top to bottom. It has an epic trigger pull, very smooth and nimble. The grip/handle is a hard rubberized style material with a lot of grip. The gun itself is a great take on the 47” package. By that, I mean that it’s several inches shorter than my rob Allen 110 - which I also love but I dislike the feel of lateral movements with pipe guns and the R/A’s handle is completely to the rear SO the over-all length of the R/A