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Cetma Composites Taras Bifins

High quality Lab-Made Taras carbon fins, featuring the revolutionary Dynamic Resonance System from Cetma Composite and 100% Prepreg IM7 carbon fiber blades.

The Taras blades are optimized through Finite Element Softwares (FEM) process - allowing optimal distribution of stiffness throughout the blades, ensuring ultra hydrodynamic deformation of the blade during use.

The Taras blades are designed with a blade angle of 27 degrees for optimal performance and variable blade rigidity (3-D Design) which maximizes energy conversion and propulsion efficiency, supplying the freediver with unmatched power and performance. Variable width blade rails allow higher stability and better handling underwater. Supplied with innovative Cetma composites Taras custom cast rubber foot pockets for superior grip and energy transfer with each kick.


Unique fins, with the most unique characteristics in the world. Specially designed for competitive freediving and proven now with many national- and world records!

The Taras footpocket is ergonomic and comfortable, but at the same time it suits perfectly your feet, in order to maximize the efficiency of the blade.


1. TARAS bifins are designed with increased angle between footpocket and feet
2. Blade made of 100% aerospace hot melt prepregs high modulus IM7 fibers
3. The insole, manufactured with rubber and foam with variable stiffness, has a curved and ergonomic shape to make the footpockets performant and comfortable
4. 3D proprietary technology
5. FEM design of the blade to maximize efficiency
6. Dimensions: Width 180mm, length of the blade form the footpocket 600mm, angle 30°