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CETMA Uragano 115 Invert Roller Speargun

Uragano 115 comes ready with all standard accessories:
- 8.0mm Tahitian rod or 8.5mm double fin CETMA COMPOSITES ground PH steel that is hardened to a hardness of as much as 49 HRC;
- Double roll trigger mechanism made by high-performance ERMES solid EDM;
- Real V50 carbon reel and reel holder with 50m or V 90 with 100 meters of dyneema;
- Magnum Plus rubber band kit pre-assembled with the VELA system with customer-selected elongation factors based on hunting needs.

- Derlin pulleys
- All accessories are made of 316L stainless steel.


Simple and elegant shape, entirely shaped in cuttlebone to have an optimal lateral swing.
The study of geometry and volume, as well as aesthetics, is aimed at balancing loads, maximizing flexural rigidity and minimizing recoil.

It uses a proven VELA system.
The VELA system developed for CETMA COMPOSITES spearguns, thanks to an innovative stopper, which is placed after the pulleys, allows a free line of fire. This makes it possible to make precise shots far beyond all expectations.

High-modulus carbon with closed structure.
The internal structure is made of polyfunctional ultra-low density polymer material with structural properties used for Aerospace applications this is a closed-cell polymer core with vibration damping capabilities;

URAGANO has an extremely thin cuttlebone geometry tapered toward the tip. On the entire bottom, the motor assembly, consisting of the elastic bands, is appropriately spaced from the barrel, to facilitate loading, eliminate any form of friction or vibration on the barrel, during firing.


Very small thickness: an average thickness of only 2.5cm, width at the head 5.5cm, maximum width 10cm.


Finish ( unpainted )
Anti-reflection matte finish. CETMA COMPOSITES products are not painted this is synonymous with quality, in fact very often low quality carbon products are painted to hide defects related to the production process.


Production process
The completely innovative manufacturing process, developed by CETMA COMPOSITES is called "Zero-Defects Technology," allows the production of a totally monolithic carbon fiber part with zero voids. This process therefore maximizes the performance of the structure making it of the highest possible stiffness and unalterable over time

Available SAIL setups
SAIL system: is the system that maximizes the performance of the URAGANO Rifle, a system that allows shooting well beyond 7 meters at zero recoil with centimeter accuracy.

POWER and PENETRATION Depending on the type of rod and the diameter of the elastic band chosen, the rod's drilling capacity can be changed. The recommended rubber band elongation factor is a maximum of 310% /315% but can be modified according to hunting need. (view the table)


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
the best mid range gun i've ever shot

the speed and smooth shot has no comparison. I have not shot too many inverted rollers, however this gun's speed, accuracy and lack of recoil have made it my favorite ono, uku and mu gun. to have the long range in a compact 115cm gun that's easy to maneuver, track, and ascend and descend from deep drops make it ideal.