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Pathos Laser Carbon Roller Speargun

The Laser Carbon Roller-gun is the roller version of Laser Carbon. It's designed for experienced spearos who are looking for a powerful tool for all methods of fishing. It's compact, minimal and hydrodynamic. A roller gun that shoots smoothly and straight without recoil at long distance.

It comes with 7.00mm Sandvik shark-fin shaft with a single barb and a tri-cut point.

Open roller muzzle for circular bands with socket for a booster band.

Anatomic handle D'Angelo II low profile with new stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism adds extra 7cm of loading length and universal grip in white color that fits in every spearo's hand.

Ergonomic design, standard loading pad, reel base, 1x16mm red TNT circular band & 1x14mm booster with dyneema wishbones for supreme power.

30mm pure Carbon barrel 2mm thick with roller-floater provides stiffness, low profile carbon rail minimizes friction.

All Pathos reels can be fitted.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chrisgel Davis
Awesome customer support

I love going to the San Diego location, the customer service and support is awesome and very knowledgeable. Got a Pathos Roller and they also helped set up my carbon fins which I had problems doing myself. This location is awesome

alexandre Da Silva-Lockie
Awesome speargun

Very accurate, very powerful speargun, if this is your first roller there is a learning curve with rigging etc. If I had to knock one thing is that it is much easier to rig a standard gun with no roller mechanism, but after a few dives you will be set. Best part almost no recoil!

Good gun that needs a little tuning out of the box

I'm pretty happy with this gun. As usual, thanks go to the Spear America staff for good customer service and courtesy rigging.

The (really) Good:
- Easy to load (3-setting roller floater anchor for primary band + roller tab on included shaft)
- Very easy to wrap (larger D'Angelo II line retainer; nice muzzle tabs for easy and reliable multi-wrap)
- Very stealthy/streamlined
- All-around comfortable. Low band and gun profile makes for easy swimming and fairly easy tracking, and the ambi handle is, to me, a significant improvement over the molded right/left-handed ergo grips on some Pathos guns.

The Bad
- Pathos official vertical reel guides the line right across the primary band on the bottom, potentially causing extreme wear on the band when feeding reel line under tension, requiring either extra care when feeding reel (which I am not usually in a position to take while getting spooled) or some kind of additional guide/offset to get the line off of the band. Haven't solved this problem yet.
- The muzzle seems to have notches designed to be wrapped with Dyneema or similar more flexible cord. Monofilament shooting line won't make the tight turns required to firmly secure the shaft to the rail on the muzzle end. Not necessarily a gun problem, but the muzzle seems specifically designed without mono in mind. I would prefer the freedom to use mono without such a significant sacrifice.

The Ugly:
- Shaft whip out of the box (with mono shooting line) is extreme. I almost eliminated the problem with a typical roller double wishbone, but the characteristically tiny Pathos band loops made this highly impractical to the point that I opted to tie new band inserts to get the new and improved wishbone on it. Not a huge pain as the longer wishbone gave me the slack to cut the ends off of the stock band without changing the stretch profile much, but I'm perplexed that a conventionally pretty nice gun like this would simply not work out of the box because of a fairly well-documented and well-understood roller gun pitfall. I still get a bit of whip at higher power after fixing the wishbone issue which I'm inclined to attribute to the mono-unfriendly muzzle, but realistically I think I'll need to switch to braided shooting line to use this gun as intended. More testing required.

Overall, I'm still glad I bought it, but the light technical work required for basic use of the gun seems a little silly. If you aren't willing or able to tune it, buy a traditional rail gun or something. But if you are, this is a pretty a decent mid-high end value buy for a roller gun.

Brett Wayman
Awesome business and products

Spear America is an awesome business to purchase with. Excellent customer service and stand behind everything. Had a minor issue with gun and they wanted to get it fixed without quest. Look forward to working with them for a while

Pathos Carbon Laser roller 100

Purchased a Pathos Carbon Roller 100, awesome fun for all my reef and patty hopping needs in SoCal.
Super finally tuned instrument that is perfectly weighted under watch, much easier to swim with and track versus my wooden guns.
I normally prefer closed track spearguns but chose the laser over the sniper due to the open track allowing me to use shafts larger than 7mm.