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Pathos Laser Open Carbon Speargun

The development of Pathos spearguns continues with the new series “Laser” that features the D’Angelo II handle.The sensation of high accuracy and dominance in the water prevails when using this gun.It targets demanding spearos who aim for smooth and powerful shots.

The new full stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism allows for quick release of the shaft due to an extremely short travel path (7mm) regardless of the load.


  • Handle D'Angelo II low profile with stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism that adds extra 7cm of arming length.
  • Removable rubber loading butt.
  • Reel base.
  • 100% carbon barrel 2.0mm thick with the option of adding a carbon shaft guide.
  • Open muzzle.7.0mm Sandvik shaft with sharkfins, a single flopper, and a tricut point.Two 17.5mm black over amber bands.
  • Dyneema wishbones.
  • Any one of the four Pathos reels can be installed.
  • Available in lengths of 75cm, 82cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Name checks out--it's a laser

I bought this gun to validate stories I've heard about emerging Brazilian hunting styles that go after big pelagic game with euro guns rather than American 4, 5, 6-band bazookas, idea being that you must stone always, else risk a nasty hour-long chase and high probability of gear or fish loss. In retrospect I might have taken the 120 over 130cm, but this does the job. While a long gun, the carbon tube makes it just maneuverable enough to justify the lower power for its size (in default configuration) and enable a highly precise hunting style that does not accept anything less than a spine shot. I will definitely be returning to the pathos brand next time I need a new gun at a sub-custom price.

amazing gun

Been using this gun for a full season now. Love the gun shoots deadly straight. Only drawback is you will need to upgrade the shaft if you are shooting big fish.

Kind of cheap for a high quality gun

Shot so much better than other spearguns I have bought in the 200.00 range


I've owned the 110 carbon and now the 140 amongst 3 pathos lasers in my arsenal. Especially for the price, these really can't be beat. The quality, accuracy, power and range are unparalleled, the handle is one of the best, and it just straight up kills fish every time! Set it up with a threaded shaft and slip tip and you've got a blue water machine. Highly recommended!

Great guns

I switched to a Pathos after having a RA and I like the Pathos much more. They are very accurate, well balanced, and I really like the tucked flopper when in the kelp. Spend a little extra and go with a Pathos!