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Pathos Laser Open Pro Speargun

The Pathos Laser Open Pro has been the most popular and most reliable speargun in the world for several years now.

The development of Pathos spearguns continues with the new series “Laser” that features the D’Angelo II handle.The sensation of high accuracy and dominance in the water prevails when using this gun.It targets demanding spearos who aim for smooth and powerful shots. The new full stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism allows for quick release of the shaft due to an extremely short travel path (7mm) regardless of the load. Characteristics:Handle D'Angelo II low profile with stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism that adds extra 7cm of arming length.Removable rubber loading butt.Reel base.Fully anodized aluminium barrel 1.25±0.05mm thick with a shaft guide and a sharkskin surface for reduction of turbulent vortices. Open muzzle. 7.0mm Sandvik shaft with sharkfins, a single flopper, and a tricut point.Two 16mm black over amber bands.Dyneema wishbones.Any one of the four Pathos reels can be installed.Available in lengths of 60cm, 75cm, 82cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yinier Rojas
Excellent buying option

The support from the store was above and beyond. I’m really happy with the product. 100% recommended.

Eitan Gobi
Pathos Team for Life!!!

The Pathos Laser open pro is by far the best gun I have ever used, extremely durable and extremely strong never doubt the shaft piercing through a fish. Bands are not easy to load and that is the point, the harder they are to load the more power you have. Def worth the price point.

Jace Knightfire
Easy and accurate

This is my first pipegun and I love it. The spear goes right where your trigger finger is pointed. The shooting line is smartly wrapped around the front of the shaft keeping the flopper from deploying before shooting. Took it to Turtle bay and scored plenty yellows in short order.

Best gun ever

I used many guns the last 12 years I have been spearing and this one is by far the best made gun!! Thank you guys at Spear America for setting it up for me.

One of the best intermediate choices in the market

I recently picked up a 110cm pathos laser and it is just plain awesome. The stock trigger on the d'angelo II is buttery smooth out of the box and if you want to modify your gun and change out parts (e.g. add a roller muzzle, upgrade shaft, trigger mech, swap handles/barrels) SpearAmerica makes it so easy. If you have any questions before purchasing the gun online be sure to send Petros an e-mail and he'll usually reply to you within a couple of hours (if not minutes)!