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Picasso Asegai USA Open speargun

The Picasso Asegai USA OPEN can go head to head with the most popular guns in the market. It was specifically designed for the USA and only available in the USA.


• 28mm black alloy rail barrel

• Asegai handle

• Magnum open muzzle 

• 6.5mm gold carbon steel shaft

• Looped 16mm Bands

• Dyneema Wishbone

• Stainless steel sear and line release

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ryan Mcgannon
83cm Picasso

Great beginner gun. Purchased spearGun last month and went out to Catalina. The trigger is made from plastic and seems to be a little unstable. Although the trigger never failed me, I wish I purchased a speargun with a more stable trigger (metal). The workers helped me setup the guns and showed me the basic functions. I ran into an issue where the bands slip off of the front knock on the pole. I think the knock on the pole isn’t deep enough and slips when the bands are on it. I plan to bring the speargun in to get it looked at once I have a free weekend. If you’re looking for a cheap gun to take down local soCa fish, this is a great option.