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BleuTec Labrax L.E. Carbon Speargun

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Designed and manufactured to have the lowest profile.

The shaped body is ideal for fast horizontal and vertical axis movement and increased rigidity and facilitates rapid targeting.

The center of gravity of the body is positioned at the back near the hand, for quick turning in all directions and perfect recoil management.

The body allows the bands to be positioned parallel to the shaft so the noise disappears in lateral movements. The tires expand smoothly, utilizing all their strength and speed.
It is distinguished for his quick movements, it's quickness, targeting and shooting speed.
It is the perfect 'first' choice in a new place and perfect for techniques like crawling or even stalking in the surface, mid-water or on the bottom in all depths or even out of the hole.

Bluetec Roller trigger mechanism.
Full railed body.
Mechanical line release system with automatic retraction.
Equipped with an anatomically shaped handle and right-handed shooting type grip.

Labrax Gun is supplied with 2*14,5mm Black Power bands, shaft Bleu tec 6,5 mm Diamond with 3 shark fins from heat-treated steel.

Recommended setups:
- 2 bands 16 mm Black Power, shaft Bleu tec 67,5 mm Diamond with 3 shark fins from heat-treated steel.
- 1 band 16 mm Black Power, shaft Bleu tec 6,5 mm Diamond with 3 shark fins from heat-treated steel.


Is it possible to change or adjust the setup of the speargun upon request

The carbon fiber products of BlueTec manufactured to order.

The gun length refers to the distance between the trigger guard and the band's hole.

The speargun is accompanied by a 5-year warranty on the body of the weapon and lifetime for the trigger mechanism.


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