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SpearPro Challenger Speargun

Our newest Speargun is Exclusively available at Spear America

Innovation and precision, that won’t break the bank

The SpearPro Challenger is an high-quality, innovative pipe gun at an affordable price point.

-Open muzzle that  can accomodate 2 bands

-6.75mm sandvik sharkfin shaft

-Stainless components in the trigger tested at 500lb

-Full rail track

-Muzzle bungee

Comes rigged with one 16mm band.

*Compatible only with the SpearPro Challenger Reels*



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Darvil Mcbride
They never dissapoint!

It's a breath a fresh air to finally have a dive store I can rely on for great advice and customer service! Thanks for all the help!

Kevin Lucaci
Awesome Experience and Great Gear!

Upon entry at Spear America I was kindly greeted by their workers and instantly asked by one of the employees if I needed help with anything. Me being an inexperienced spear fisherman, I told the guy that yes I needed help. He kindly showed me around and recommended me one of their most popular spear guns which was the SpearPro Challenger Speargun (90cm). He also hooked it up with a used float line that’s in near perfect condition and recommended me some more weight for my issue with being too buoyant in the water especially when trying to dive. The dude who helped me out was a pro spear fisherman who’s been in plenty of competitions and it was great knowing that I was being helped by someone who’s had plenty of experience with the sport. I’ve been satisfied with all my purchases from this place and haven’t had issues so far. I’ve also bought a 5mm open cell wet suit from these guys a few months back and I’m very satisfied with the purchase. Their gear has been top notch for me. Overall the employees are welcoming and very helpful and sure know a thing or two about the sport. From what I’ve seen, Spear America offers fair prices and they stay up to date with new gear that’s produced.

First speargun

Bought my son and I the 60cm challengers. The guys at the costa masa store helped me pick these out and set my sons up with the 14mm band he can almost get it. we are spearfishing fresh water in Wisconsin and have taken some crappie with them. Gun seems fast and gets the job done. would be good for reef fish i would assume.